Beta Class



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Name: Tom Nguyen

Line Name/Designation: S.I.E.G.E. // Beta 11

Nationality: Vietnamese American

Major: Digital Media

Quote: “We all sleep to dream, but don’t sleep on a dream.”

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Name: Daniel Mendez

Line Name/Designation: IMPACTO // Beta 12

Nationality: Colombian

Major: Junior Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Quote: “Life is too short to worry about money.”

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Name: Allen Lo

Line Name/Designation: C.R.A.N.C. // Beta 13

Nationality: Chinese

Major: Computer Engineering

Quote: Say what you mean, and mean what you say

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Name: Cuong Thiet Le

Line Name/Designation: KAMIKAZE // Beta 14

Nationality: Vietnamese

Major: Psychology

Quote: That’s what she said.

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Name:  Gan Guo

Line Name/Designation: BlackhawK // Beta 15

Nationality: Chinese

Major: Management and Psychology

Quote: “Don’t follow your dreams; chase them.”